The Importance of a Convenience Store Canopy and Canopy Painting

Victoria Bryant
September 29, 2022

If you’ve ever had to pump gas in the rain, you have surely appreciated the benefits of a gas station canopy. Whether it is vehicles, people, or equipment that need protecting from the elements, a canopy will provide shelter for your facility. The canopy of a convenience store is usually the most prominently displayed portion of your facility that showcases your brand.  A clean and well-lit canopy can be a beacon for travelers to stop for refueling, using your facilities, and of course purchasing snacks!  Therefore, it is crucial to maintain the canopy and canopy decking of your facility. In this post, we'll go over the benefits of a convenience store canopy, how to maintain your canopy and canopy decking, and the importance of canopy painting.

There are several advantages to having a canopy over your gas station or convenience store. We've already touched on one, which is weather protection. This is the primary benefit of the canopy for your customers, as it protects them from rain, snow, sleet, and sun while they fill up. The second advantage is that it provides security and safety. Customers may be scared away by poorly lit gas stations late at night. Canopies are ideal for providing ample lighting in order to create a safe, secure, and welcoming environment for your customers. A canopy also provides large-scale advertising and brand awareness. The long wraparound design is visible from a long distance and from multiple angles, and the bright colors and backlit design are impossible to overlook at night. Without a canopy, it is much more difficult for passing motorists to see your gas station or convenience store.

Having a canopy structure alone will not keep your customers coming back. For this reason, keeping it visually appealing by maintaining the canopy and canopy decking is critical for your business.  To keep your canopy and canopy decking in excellent condition, you should regularly check and clean the gutters.  Check the bolts and columns for signs of rust as it is a telltale sign a leak may be present.  Any leaks should be fixed right away to avoid further issues or damage to the canopy decking.  

In additional to leaks, exhaust pollution and mildew can cause discoloration to both the canopy decking and canopy fascia.  Power washing these areas annually or semi-annually can help keep them clean and alleviate staining, which ultimately could extend the life of your current paint job.   Depending on your region it is generally recommended that you fully repaint your canopy decking every 3 to 5 years.  Properly maintaining your canopy can help ensure the longevity of your investment.

Due to the specialized nature of painting canopies and canopy decking, we highly recommend using a contractor with a great deal of experience.  From preparation and quality of paints to knowledge on the job, an experienced convenience store painter is well worth the investment. They will be aware of the proper substrate preparations and quality coatings to be used, which will ensure a great final product. They will also have experience sectioning off areas of the canopy at a time using saftey cones or caution tape.  This will help to ensure your patrons safety while also limiting disruptions to business. Additionally, when it comes to fuel and flammable material, there can be no shortcuts. When you hire an experienced convenience store or gas station painter, such as CarePro National Painting, you ensure that your areas are properly and safely prepped before the painting begins, and that when the canopy painting is completed, it will extend the life of your canopy and canopy decking while also keeping your customers returning to a safe and clean environment. When it comes to painting the canopy areas of your gas station, choose experience, choose CarePro National Painting.

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