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Victoria Bryant
November 29, 2021
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Any project, big or small, requires four basic aspects: planning, organizing, controlling, and evaluating. Proper management of each of these is critical to ensure the entire project flows smoothly and yields the desired result. At CarePro, we offer you a thorough step-by-step process that encompasses all of the aforementioned aspects to provide your business, and yourself, results that will exceed expectations in the most professional and convenient manner possible.

The process follows 11 key steps, beginning with a proposal tailored for your needs and requests. This is followed with verification of the paint specifications before scheduling the project. We then notify the store and facilities manager of the pending schedule date, and communicate any changes or issues that may arise prior to the beginning of the project.

Once the schedule date arrives, we will arrive at your location to assess any potential issues or changes needed to the scope of work, as well as take photos to provide accurate before and after documentation. During the execution of the project, any areas that need to be cordoned off to ensure minimal disruption to both the project and your business will be roped off, allowing for timely progress and reducing the impact to the day-to-day flow of the location.

Once the project is completed, a walk-through with the manager on duty is performed. This is to guarantee your satisfaction with the result prior to any invoicing for the project. If no issues are found, final photos are taken, which are included with the initial photos in the invoice, which will be submitted within 3 days of completion.

As this process requires acute attention to detail, and prompt adjustment to any issues, we will maintain constant communication throughout the project to keep the process progressing promptly in an effort to provide you with results that exceed expectations all while keeping the disruption to your business to a minimum.

By partnering with CarePro, you can expect both a quality finished product as well as an exceptional customer experience, as 24/7 communication, quality service, and integrity lie at the heart of all we do. It’s the CarePro way!

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