The Art of Convenience Store Painting

Victoria Bryant
May 6, 2020

When it comes to either performing a refresh or a full re-imaging of a convenience store, there are many differences from a typical retail or restaurant project. Many variables come into play. The average painter or painting company doesn’t typically plan for such variables as petroleum-coated substrates, high patron traffic during painting, patron abuse before the paint has time to cure, and so on. Not taking these into account can have negative consequences. The liabilities are much higher for the client and the painting company and the task is not suitable for inexperienced painters.


A major re-imaging project is not something that can be done overnight. That being said, regardless of how long the painting of a convenience store takes, the client cannot afford it and should not lose revenue or customer flow for the duration. Even on large painting projects, the client shouldn’t be requested to completely close off important sections such as the fuel pumps or the main entryway. It is because of this that all Convenience Store Painting projects done by CarePro Painting, Inc. are done as discretely as possible, while the location remains open! We know that this creates a much more difficult project for the painters, which is why experience is, again, of the utmost importance.

At CarePro, our painters carefully protect the areas being painted by sectioning them off with cones and or safety tape. Whether it is the patrons or their vehicles, all will be protected by these measures. Doing so requires smart planning with the help of the layout of your establishment, to determine how big of an area the painters can section off at a time. By using the layout of store premises, they will ensure that patron access and traffic is not impeded. Sectioning off areas does not just protect the areas being painted but also ensures that the client’s customers themselves are protected from any overspray or wet paint. Surfaces around the work area are also protected by safety cones and warning signs, ensuring no mess that may be unsightly for your customers. Your Trusted CarePro Painting tradesmen will always take patron activity and safety very seriously.


When reaching a location, you don’t just start painting. With a good evaluation done beforehand, there is a thorough plan laid out. Because you don’t need to be an experienced painter to realize that preparation is essential for ensuring that the paint looks good and keeps looking good for years to come. But you do need to be an experienced painter to know how to properly prep a surface for painting. Areas such as the bollards, island bands, island pads, and canopy columns take a lot of abuse and if they are not prepped properly, the paint will fade, crack and chip away. That will leave the customer having to pay for a refresh. The average individual contractor will not offer any kind of warranty, and neither will an average painting company. CarePro Painting offers a limited one-year warranty on all projects, not to mention a free touch-up kit.

The client can rest assured: CarePro Painting self-performs across the majority of the United States, so the painters working on any project at any time will have exactly the right experience for the job. There will be no fumbling about at the location, no head-scratching, no asking around or searching the internet. When painting a convenience store, experienced painters know what to do. In the final stages of prepping, CarePro professionals will waterblast the surface to be painted to remove any accumulated dust or grime, and use high strength degreaser. Degreasing allows the paint to dry thoroughly, and also makes sure that the paint will adhere to the surface perfectly. This alone ensures that you get your money’s worth from one paint job because we at CarePro would like you to save more by providing quality output, with no need for constant touch-ups.


CarePro has the experience you need when it comes to your gas station and the adjoined convenience store. Examples of this can be seen under the Project Gallery page of our website. You can be certain that the utmost care and caution will be used when painting in the fuel pump area. When it comes to fuel and other flammable materials there can be no shortcuts. You can count on CarePro when it comes to important objects like the bollards, fuel islands, and gas tank lids. CarePro makes sure that all gas tank lids are painted correctly with the proper colors. Were they painted the wrong color; the results could potentially be disastrous. It is important to fully clean and degrease the island bands as they usually develop thick layers of dirt and grease. Since these areas, as well as the bollards, tend to take the most abuse; you can be sure that CarePro painters will provide you with a long lasting finish. From preparation and quality paints to the knowledge of the job, you can count on the experience and professionalism that CarePro provides. When the job involves the fuel pump areas of your gas station, go with the professionals at CarePro.


CarePro uses only specified premium paint for surfaces to ensure durability. Truthfully, substitutions do come cheaper, but it also makes the paint job mediocre. You save now, but in the long run, require more retouches that cost more than your original paint job. Using substitutions or unspecified paint can make the paint easily fade or chip off. Our painters at CarePro ensure that you are well taken care of by using paints with more solids (e.g. pigments and binders), making the paint stick to the surface and stay brilliant for a longer period of time. CarePro exclusively uses premium paints that ensure your project is completed with the highest quality and the greatest longevity.

When you are choosing a painter for your convenience store chain, you should demand professionals. CarePro Painting has the experience you want and takes the proper steps necessary for every job. Make sure when you are hiring a company to handle your convenience store painting, that you hire a company with a multitude of experience in this arena. An experienced painting company will make and keep each of your locations looking great for many years to come. When it’s your business being painted, choose the best. CarePro Painting, Inc. is a self-performing national commercial painting contractor.

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