Painting Contractors Weathering the Storm

Victoria Bryant
August 17, 2021
CarePro News

The painting industry is certainly in the middle of a perfect storm. In 2020 there were months of limited production due to the Covid shutdowns. However, throughout the rest of 2020 and even in 2021, the demand for painting materials has continued to rise to an all-time high. Then in the Spring of 2021, a winter storm in TX froze much of the available coatings supply that would be distributed from Texas warehouses. The winter storm also reduced Texas' capacity to refine petroleum, which created a ripple effect for a reduced ability to manufacture nearly all paints. This has created quite the challenge for leading national painting contractors like CarePro National Painting, to procure the needed materials for projects across the US.

CarePro's founder and President, Stacy Williams had this to say when asked how his company is dealing with such a storm. "Although it is indeed a challenging time, CarePro has implemented several strategies to be out in front of these shortages such as bulk buys and strategic internal processes. We will not jeopardize our customers' trust nor project quality by altering a spec or by recommending an inferior product be used. Hopefully, this shortage situation is short-lived nonetheless, we will survive it and be stronger because of it."
Hopefully, this storm will soon pass for all of us!

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