Five Types of Large Scale Rollouts

Victoria Bryant
May 6, 2020

Many National retailers have hundreds or even thousands of locations. Having this many units requires daily coordination and communication when corporate personnel is tasked with completing a budgeted rollout such as a large-scale graphic installation, an interior re-fresh, interior re-image, exterior re-fresh, or exterior re-image. These tasks can be much more daunting if you have sub-par vendors or have to use multiple vendors across the country to get the rollout completed. An experienced National Painting Company like CarePro Painting, Inc. based in Nashville, TN can perform these projects on a regional or national level thus making the rollout more efficient and the corporate personnel’s job much easier. And having only one vendor to complete all or most of the sites keeps the quality consistent, provides one point of communication and invoice point, and also makes it much more convenient at the store level.


  1. Graphic Installs

Each year or several times per year, retailers embark on a national graphic install rollout, which can be described as drawing attention to a small, particular area within each store by painting it a different color or installing graphics on a freshly painted wall. Whether it is a special Christmas sale, Back to School Sale, or Summer Savings Sale, retailers use these times to increase sales for a particular segment or department. They will contact a specialized graphic install company such as CarePro Painting, Inc. to go out and paint a particular wall a certain color, hang a vinyl graphic(s) on the wall and then the in-store merchandising team will re-install the merchandise. These projects are usually system-wide for a retailer with multiple locations across the country and are usually called graphic install rollouts. Rollouts are defined as multiple locations receiving the same initiative during a designated timeframe. These are lucrative initiatives for the retailers and also help to keep the décor fresh and new within the store.

  1. Interior Re-Fresh

The interiors of retail stores see a great deal of traffic and consequently can take a lot of abuse from patrons. Everything from shopping cart scratches to fitting room abuse can happen on a fairly regular basis. Due to this fact, retailers will select all or some of their locations for an interior refresh. An interior refresh is when the painting company goes in after the store closes and begins repairing and repainting the interior of the store. After patching holes and fixing damaged drywall, the painter will completely repaint all of the sales floor walls and the high traffic areas. In this type of project the colors are the same as before and typically only require one coat of paint.

  1. Interior Re-Image

There are times when a retailer may want to change the overall look of the store to keep up with modern interior design trends; this is called an interior re-image, and usually entails a color change. An interior re-image project also takes place after the store closes so there is no disruption to the patrons while they are shopping; however because there is a change of color, the job requires much more time to complete. The walls are primed before applying the first coat of the new color, and then usually a second coat is applied to give the walls a perfect finish.

  1. Exterior Re-fresh

Doing an exterior re-fresh project is along the same lines as doing an interior re-fresh project except that the work is being done on the outside of the building during business hours, instead of on the interior after the store closes for the day. After damages to the outside walls are repaired and the walls are power-washed, a coat of exterior paint is applied; and being that an exterior refresh is done in the same color the project may only need one or two coats of paint.

Undertaking any remodeling task for a store during daytime hours poses more obstacles than doing it after the store has closed for the day. Always being mindful of patrons’ safety is of utmost importance, as well as avoiding obstructing their activity while they enter and leave the store or parking areas. When an entryway has to be worked on, always be certain to provide an alternative route for entering or leaving the premises. This oftentimes requires various types of barricades such as orange cones, barricade tape, and signs directing the patrons to the alternative entryway.

  1. Exterior Re-Image

Again, this is very similar to the interior re-image project except it is done during the day to the outside of the building. The same process occurs with an exterior re-image as with an exterior refresh project. However, being that an exterior re-image project usually entails a color change, of course, the time frame, amount of paint, and cost of the project will increase accordingly. The substrate is usually primed and typically two top coats of paint are applied.

Retailers know that it is well worth the expense and effort to periodically do any of these kinds of projects because it will offset the slow deterioration of a building and will also keep the store looking new and more appealing to its patrons. Contacting a quality national painting company like CarePro Painting, Inc. makes all of these projects seamless for retailers. Contact CarePro Painting, Inc. at

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