Keep Your Brand Looking Great and at a Reduced Cost.

With the CarePRO-ACTIVE Maintenance Painting Program!

National chains spend hundreds of thousands or more each year in order to maintain their brands operation and to keep each location looking good. These budgets can be unpredictable at times and are always tight per location. Painting is a big part of the maintenance spend and finding ways to reduce this while keeping the brand image updated is always a tough task. At least until CarePRO-ACTIVE was introduced nationally.  Now chains have a great option to achieve both the lower cost and the continued look!

Whether it’s interior or exterior, finishes do not hold their appearance for extended lengths of time. Typically, the exterior of a location needs to be repainted every five years. This is due to the weather year after year as well as the constant UV exposure. Both wreak havoc on colorful finishes. The interior high traffic areas are constantly being subjected to abuse and damages. Over time, this will significantly lower the quality standards that customers and employees come to expect. A maintenance painting program like CarePRO-Active will keep the finishes looking great, actually extended the life of the base finish beyond the five year mark.

We know all too well, the value of communication. With every National Painting Project, there can be many layers of personnel that need constant updates and project completion images. Such communication requires a comprehensive online project management system where any and all updates can be uploaded and viewed 24 hours a day. CarePro Painting utilizes a custom, cloud based software to manage all projects. With this system, our clients receive constant updates and always know the status of each and every project.

At CarePro National Commercial Painting, we know what our customers want and need. We strive to serve each client better than anyone. CarePRO-ACTIVE was created based on a valued clients needs to keep their image up and their costs down. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.